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About The Phylaxis Society

The Phylaxis Society is a membership society that consists of free and accepted masons who have a desire to receive and disperse masonic knowledge-” masonic light.” The organization was created by Prince Hall Masons and is partial toward dispersing light about Prince Hall and the network of masons that derive from The African Lodge of Boston, Massachusetts going back to 1775. These masons are predominantly African-American. Active membership in the Phylaxis Society is open, however, to any freemason who is a member of a grand lodge recognized by the Prince Hall Conference of Grand Masters or recognized by the United Grand Lodge of England – the premier grand lodge. Continue reading

The Phylaxis: Collection One

This bound collection contains the first ten issues of The Phylaxis magazine—magazines that set the tone for a research, historical, and educational society that, at this writing, is in its fifth decade of research, history, and education. This compilation encapsulates the spirit upon which the Phylaxis Society was built, and it should serve as encouragement and inspiration to any Prince Hall mason who studies it well. Take your time; it is not a  task to be rushed. This collection has the power to transform, and when you are transformed, as I think you will be, you owe it to those masons you love to help them with their transformation. This volume should be required reading for Prince Hall masons, but because this is no trivial task, your insistent encouragement will be needed to motivate your brothers to the effort.

We say we are seeking light, but more to the point we are seeking truth—that fundamental tenant of Freemasonry we call a divine attribute and the foundation of every virtue. Join with us and “You will know the truth, and the truth shall set you free.”


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Council of Representatives

We are focusing on expanding our Council of Representatives. This program is of tremendous benefit to the Society when it is fully active. We want to have at least one Representative in every Prince Hall Jurisdiction, and perhaps more in the larger jurisdictions. These persons will be the ambassadors for the society within their geographic region. If you support the goals of the Phylaxis Society, maybe you will agree to become one.

Masonic Sites

Each of our members and subscribers can help us with the Masonic Sites Program. The goal is to record every masonic structure, past and present, as a historical site (we never know how historic they will be a decade from now). Our intent is to accumulate a national database to include meeting locations, the burial sites of notable Masons, as well as monuments erected to Masons. The Director of Masonic Sites is charged with getting this program underway.