Frequent Questions

What does this organization do? THE PHYLAXIS SOCIETY is an international organization of freemasons dedicated to studying the life of Prince Hall and researching the history of Prince Hall freemasonry. We publish the results of this research in The Phylaxis magazine, said by some to be the finest magazine about Prince Hall Freemasonry in existence.

Who can get the magazine? Anyone can receive The Phylaxis magazine with an annual subscription.

Who can become a member of the Society? Any regular master mason may become a member of the Phylaxis Society and thus may participate in all the society’s activities. He must be a member of a grand lodge recognized by the Prince Hall Conference of Grand Masters or recognized by the United Grand Lodge of England, the premier grand lodge.

What are the benefits of membership? The Phylaxis Society was designed to create a bond of union for masonic writers and to educate universal freemasonry about Prince Hall freemasonry.The society has become the leader in its field: encouraging Prince Hall masonic study and stimulating the writing of accurate and interesting articles for our own publication. In this manner it fosters the close, human relationship that is the ideal of freemasonry.

How do I become an officer? Any active member of the Phylaxis Society can attend Our Annual Membership Convention and be nominated for office even though said member may have no actual voice or vote in the business of the society at the time of nomination. Members may accept appointed positions and thereby place themselves in a better position to advance in the society. Visit Major Projects Overview and see if any of our established programs hold your interest.

Can I get back issues of the magazine? You can if they are available. Visit Back Issues for further information. A good value is to purchase a bundle. Bundles are grab bags that may contain issues returned by the postal system due to non-delivery, but bundles are an excellent deal, for example, 50 different issues for $150 plus postage as compared with $5 per issues a la carte.

Where is your headquarters? The Phylaxis Society owns no real estate. Our headquarters is at the office of our executive secretary.

Are you a tax exempt organization? Yes. We are classified as a 501c(3) public charity by the Internal Revenue Service.

How often do you meet? We meet once a year on the weekend nearest the anniversary of the initiation of Prince Hall, March 6th.

Who can attend your annual convention? Regular masons. Most of our members are affiliated with a Prince Hall jurisdiction, but any regular mason may register, even if they are not members of the Phylaxis Society at the time.

Do you have lodges? We do not have lodges. We do have Phylaxis Chapters.

Do you confer degrees? We have no symbolic degrees and we do not interfere in the work of grand lodges, but we do have a fraternity: Chi Rho.