Sample Articles

Periodically this website will feature articles from The Phylaxis magazine to highlight issues of interest and to whet your appetite for our product. More articles of this type are made available to those who register on this website, and more are made available on this site to those who subscribe to The Phylaxis magazine.

Iowa Masonic Library A valuable resource for anyone doing Masonic research. They are said to have the most complete collection of proceedings from Prince Hall grand lodges anywhere.

Masonic Greeting Inspired masons like Howard Woods of Arkansas, have contributed to The Phylaxis magazine. This article is an example of his wit and insight.

Prince Hall Letter The United Grand Lodge of England has letters from Prince Hall written in his own hand. Several of these letters have been photo copied and transcribed in issues of The Phylaxis.

The Reading of the Minutes This is an example of the work of John Hairston, an important contemporary historian.