Our Officers



Elected Officers

Alex L. Smith, FPSH, Life

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First Vice President
Damajo Smith, FPSH

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Second Vice President
Reginald V. Tolbert, FPSH

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Harold Bendaw, FPSH, LIfe

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Executive Secretary
Karl Reid, FPSH

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Financial Secretary
Jessie Watkins, FPSH, Life

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Board of Directors

Chairman Tyrone Jackson, FPSH (IL)

Edward B. Darnell, FPSH (MI)

Charles Steward, MPS (IL)

Walter Easley, FPSH (NC)

AlonzoTehuti Evans, FPS (DC)

Appointed Officers

Guillermon Thorne, FPSH Council of Representatives

Daryl Andrews, FPS LifeCommission on Bogus Masonic Practices

Karl Reid, FPSH SVP Conventions

Edward B. Darnell, FPSH Convention Venue and Protocol

Tyrone Jackson, FPSH Curator

Alton Roundtree, FPS The Phylaxis Editor


Walter Easley, FPSH Digital Archives

Frederic Milliken, FPSH Visual Archives

Eddie Crews, FPSH Phylaxis Chapters

Toby Byrant, FPSH VP Phylaxis Chapters

Guillermo Thorne,FPSH Funding and Grants

D. Obadiah Nelson, FPSH Awards and Recognition

Lawrence Huston, MPS Public Communications

Glenn K. Pickett Scottish Rite Research Institute

Richard L. Hudson, FPSH York Rite Research Institute

James Morgan, MPS Masonic Sites

Vacant Phylaxis Gift Shop

Toby Bryant, FPSH Art Commission

Marlon S.Honeywell, FPS Lux e Tenebris Research Chapter