Phylaxis Chapters

A chapter of The Phylaxis Society may be constituted when seven or more members of the Society, all in good standing with their Masonic lodge, request an authorization to be constituted. To form a chapter of the Society, the package containing the following should be sent to the Executive Director for Chapters:

  • A letter requesting permission to form the chapter providing the proposedname for the chapter with an endorsement by the grand master of the Masonic jurisdiction in which the chapter will operate.
  • Two copies of the roster containing the names and mailing addresses of the elected officers and the names of the remaining charter members.
  • A check for $100for the authorization, made payable to The Phylaxis Society. This fee will be used to fund the operation of the Council of Chapters.

Within sixty days after the authorization is issued, the chapter must send two copies of the chapter bylawsto the Executive Director for Chapters for approval.

Existing Chapters