Chapter Officers

Chapterswill elect a chapter president, first vice president, second vice president, treasurer, and secretary. Chapters are encouraged to appoint three chairmen with the following responsibilities:

a. Chairman of Chapter Agendas?The Chairman and members of his committee will strive to:

  1. Put together agendas for each meeting, make arrangements for guest speakers, set up lectures on Masonic subjects. They may also establish workshops and seminars for Masons in their area.
  2. Schedule at least one event per year whereby funds for the support of the chapter and the expenses for the chapter president to attend the annual session of The Phylaxis Society can be raised.

b. Chairman of Membership? The Chairman and members of his committee will:

  1. Seek new members for the chapter and for the Society.
  2. Maintain a roster of members.

c. Chairman of Masonic Sites? The Chairman and members of his committee will:

  1. Seek out local Masonic sites within the jurisdiction; seek out the historical Master Masons past and present.
  2. Organize a ?Journal of History? (a loose-leaf book, scrapbook, or journal) in which he will maintain as much historical information as he can gather in the locality of the chapter or Masonic jurisdiction.
  3. Function as the eyes and ears of The Phylaxis Society?s Director of Masonic Sites.
  4. Serve as the historian of the chapter.
  5. Notify the chapter president of historical anniversaries and dates and report his findings to the membership at each meeting. He will also report to the Director of Masonic Sitesabout local Masonic sites that he discovers so they can be recorded by the Society.

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Chaptersof The Phylaxis Society are not study clubs, but rather an educational wing of the Society. Chapters are set up to promote the study of history, to bring Masonic light to its members, to bring education to the Craft, to bring an awareness of local Masonic history to their respective jurisdiction, and to bring more of the Craft into The Phylaxis Society.

A chapter will in no way will interfere with the legislative and ritualistic affairs of any lodge, grand lodge, or other Masonic body.

Chapterswill hold a minimum of one meeting per quarter for the dispatch of business. Discussion of articles in The Phylaxis magazine should be one order of business. Arrangement or plans to visit a lodge as a chapter of the Society may be another order of business.

Section 8. Officers and members of chapters should acquaint themselves with the goals, purposes, laws, and procedures of their chapter and of The Phylaxis Society. To this end, each member should obtain current copies of the chapter?s bylaws as well as current copies of this document containing The Phylaxis Society?s Constitution, Bylaws, and General Handbook of Instructions.

Existing Chapters