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I find as a matter of fact that the use of the words 'Free and Accepted' by the defendant is a fraud against the plaintiff, who is entitled to the use of those words, and that the dominant, controlling master mind of the defendant, J. B. Baldwin, intended to create the impression in the minds of the public that he and his group were the ancient and original 'Free and Accepted' Masons, which they are not.

Masonic Court Cases

Bogus groups have at times threatened to take members of the Commission and members of the Phylaxis Society to court because we list them on our site as bogus. They have no legal precedent to support their position and history tells us that they will not prevail. There are court cases on record that are not listed here, but the outcome of all these cases is the same: these bogus bodies are established without proper Masonic authority and they have the effect of deceiving the public into believing they are Masonic bodies when they in fact are not. In some instances, the deception perpetrated by these groups amounts to deliberate FRAUD.

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