Membership in The Phylaxis Society allows one to attend our annual conventions, participate in the election of officers, serve on committees, and be elected to office in the Society. Applicants for membership must be active Prince Hall (PHA) freemasons or must be affiliated with a grand lodge in amity with the Prince Hall Conference of Grand Masters, or with the United Grand Lodge of England.

Membership implies a commitment to the society, so applicants must be subscribers to The Phylaxis magazine, preferably lifetime subscribers, or if annual subscribers, they should have automatic renewal of their annual subscription.

Benefits of Membership

The benefits of membership in the society are:

  1. The privilege of participating in the work of the society as directors, officers, and committee members.
  2. Access to newsletters and membership documents published on the web site.
  3. An opportunity to correspond and exchange ideas and material with masonic students throughout the world in open forums.
  4. An opportunity to publish the results of your masonic research and study on our web site and in our magazine.
  5. An opportunity to become one of a rare group of 15 actual fellows.


Masonic titles and honors have no bearing in the society. The titles recognized by the society are the initials placed after the member’s name. They are MPS (Member of the Phylaxis Society), FPS (Fellow of the Phylaxis Society), and FPSH (Honorary Fellow of the Phylaxis Society). Affiliation with the society is classified as follows:

  1. Member: A regular master mason in good standing with his lodge and with the society.
  2. Fellow: A member who has been honored by the society for service to the society or service to Prince Hall masonry and those who have done original research.The Phylaxis Society has numbered among its fellows some of the most outstanding students and thinkers within freemasonry.


Regular freemasons who subscribe to The Phylaxis magazine may become members of the Phylaxis Society and may thus participate in the Society’s activities. Members will remain eligible as long as they are in good standing in a regularly constituted masonic lodge recognized by the Prince Hall Conference of Grand Masters or recognized by the United Grand Lodge of England and as long as they maintain a current subscription to The Phylaxis magazine.


To become and to remain an active member, you must subscribe to The Phylaxis magazine. Beyond the cost of the magazine subscription, the only additional obligation for membership is agreement to the MEMBERSHP PLEDGE:

  1. To conform to the constitution, bylaws, and policies of The Phylaxis Society
  2. To support the interests of the society
  3. To maintain your magazine subscription current

Applicants may validate their membership eligibility by:

  1. Presenting their membership credentials at Our Annual Membership Convention
  2. Presenting their membership credentials to one of Our Chapters
  3. Mailing a copy of their credentials to the Financial Secretary  of the Society