Major Projects Overview

We have an assortment of programs that allow our members to participate in the work of the Society.

Council of Representatives

Representatives are the ambassadors, recruiters, and defenders of the Society. We are seeking Phylaxis Society members to serve as representatives of the society in each region and state of the United States.  Contact the council.

Council of Chapters

Active members of the society can congregate in Phylaxis chapters to further the goals of the society. Where there is no existing chapter, seven or more members can request authorization to form a Phylaxis chapter. Contact the council.

Commision on Bogus Masonic Practices

This commission is actively educating our members as well as members of bogus groups claiming to be masonic about the truth of their organization. Contact the commission.

Visit the commission site

Masonic Sites (PHA)

The only way to document historical sites of interest to Prince Hall masons in the future is to document sites of interest to Prince Hall Masons in the present. If you have a GPS device, help us by capturing the latitude and longitude for your lodge buildings, grand lodge buildings, grave sites of significant masons, and other monuments. Send a photo and descriptive data to us at Masonic Sites.

see sites we have so far

Scottish Rite Research Institute

The SRRI is dedicated to exploring the history and activities of Scottish Rite masonry within Prince Hall jurisdictions. Contact the SRRI.

York Rite Research Institute

The YRRI is dedicated to exploring the history and activities of York Rite masonry within Prince Hall jurisdictions.Contact the YRRI.

Lux e Tenebris Research Chapter

Lux e Tenebris focuses on Masonic research and is spearheaded by the fellows of the Society. Contact Lux.

Phylaxis Imprint Publishing

The Phylaxis Imprint will begin by reprinting The Phylaxis magazine in bound volumes. The goal will be to print ten issues in each bound volume until all our magazines are available to all. Contact the Phylaxis Imprint.

Research Tips

Research into the history of Prince Hall freemasonry is a large part of what we promote. We have published articles in our magazine to help researchers pursue this effort, and we will feature articles on this website to do the same. visit the following:

Research Incentives

The Society has a few awards, honors, and accolades to recognize work done in the Society.

Chi Rho

Chi Rho is a social fraternity organized by members of the Phylaxis Society that only inducts other members of the Society.
Visit the Chi Rho site

External Websites

Joseph A. Walkes Site

John B. Williams Site