Message from the Master of Lux e Tenebris

Honorable Marlon S. Honeywell, FPS-Life, was appointed as Master of the Lux e Tenebris Research Chapter at the 2016 annual session in Chicago, Illinois. Humbled and honored, Honeywell submitted to the webmaster and the editor of The Phylaxis magazine words of gratitude to the Phylaxis Society.

I am honored and humbled to be appointed as Master of the Lux e Tenebris Research Chapter of the Phylaxis Society. I am extremely grateful to President Robert Campbell, FPS-Life, and the current fellows of the chapter for your faith in me and continued support of my masonic journey and research endeavors. Appreciative of this immense privilege, I promise to do my absolute best to uphold current standards of the Phylaxis Society and incorporate new ideas, with assistance of the membership, in an effort to catapult the Chapter into unchartered territory.

Thank you to Honorable Rev. Tommy Rigmaiden, FPS-Life, President Emeritus and former Master of the Chapter, for your unwavering spirit of excellence and dedication to publishing the absolute best academicarticles in the Lux e Tenebris transactions. Such tenacity and hard work is greatly appreciated; and we would not have been able to enjoy previous scholastic accomplishments without your tireless efforts.

Please join the Lux e Tenebris Chapter as we continue to explore, scrutinize. present, and publish masonic manuscripts germane to the mission of the Phylaxis Society. Moreover, we are hopeful that our current scholarly deeds contribute significantly to the betterment of mankind and to the annals of masonic history for years to come.