Council of Representatives – 2016 Tried and True Award Recipients

Greetings all,

The Council of Representatives is proud to report that the following Representatives and members have been chosen as the 2016 recipients of the Council of Representatives, Tried and True award.

This award is given to general members of the Phylaxis Society and members of the Council of Representatives who have gone above and beyond in representing the Phylaxis Society in a positive manner. Their efforts at spreading awareness of the Phylaxis Society and its goals throughout their travels have greatly benefited the Phylaxis Society and this award is recognition of their efforts.

Hon. MWGM Cleveland Wilson, FPSH (AR)
Hon. Tyrone Jackson, FPSH (IL)
Hon. Alton Roundtree, FPS (DC)
Hon. Charles Stewart, FPSH (IL)
Hon. D. Antoine Lilly, FPSH (NC)


Past recipients:


Hon. MWGM Edward C. Mitchell, FPSH
Hon. D. Obadiah Nelson, FPSH
Hon. Karl J. Reid, FPSH
Hon. Eddie V. Crews, FPSH
Hon. Damajo C. Smith, FPSH


Hon. Robert N. Campbell, FPS
Hon. John B. Williams, FPS
Hon. Ulysses Cooper, FPSH
Hon. Larry Moore, FPSH

Thank you all for your efforts, on behalf of the Council of Representatives.

Hon. Damajo Smith, FPSH

President, Council of Representatives